Ligentia’s Rapid Response team is primed and ready to find solutions for customers vying for vital freight services and warehouse space as the challenging landscape for Q4 peak, PPE storage and pre-Brexit bulk approaches.

Rapid Response combines over 20 years of logistics expertise, state-of-the-art digital supply chain technology, and a global network of partners. COVID-19 has led to a dramatic surge in enquiries from new customers needing agile, resilient, effective and reliable solutions to complex logistics challenges. The Rapid Response Team is embracing such challenges, as Global Product and Development Director and Rapid Response lead, Lee Alderman-Davis explains; “As lockdowns took hold the Rapid Response Team saw a huge spike in enquiries from organisations expanding their product range into new sectors, particularly those of PPE and medical equipment. Suddenly they’re importing large quantities into new and unfamiliar territories and urgently require support to source significant warehouse space and fulfilment services at destination.

“The Rapid Response team is ably equipped to provide solutions to urgent requests from customers that need to move quickly. Drawing on our international supply chain expertise we were able to schedule freight into regions where passenger travel was no longer an option to move cargo. We also have a network that allows us to reach out to partners to find solutions for clients even in areas where we don’t have our own assets.”

Speed and agility were put to the test recently as a new Ligentia customer urgently needed to transport and distribute bulk quantities medical equipment. With 95% of the world’s cargo moving in passenger aircraft and COVID-19 decimating passenger travel, the Rapid Response Team were able to organise a full charter.

We expect the demand for resilient and agile supply chain solutions to increase over the coming months. Significant events such as Brexit, national and international lockdowns and a high demand on warehousing space will all create interconnected challenges.

It’s exactly the type of challenge the Ligentia Rapid Response team relish. As Lee Alderman-Davis explains; “We have the technology and the team, as well as global coverage to find solutions for our customers. We’re agile and well versed in handling urgent shipments of a sensitive and complex nature. Our Rapid Response team is available 24/7 ready to handle time-critical and often complex requests for customers that need to move quickly, we’re ready for the challenges ahead.”

Most shipping lines are now reporting serious shortages of empty containers for loading throughout Asia. The most serious issues appear to be in India where a number of ports and container depots have no empty containers available.

The shortages have been caused by a number of factors including congestion in European, US and Australian ports restricting empty loading back to Asia, extended time taken to unload containers in destination countries and general disruption to flows caused by revised sailing schedules and changes to vessels being used. Shipping lines are also reporting larger than expected loadings from Asia in a prolonged peak season which has little sign of slowing down.

Our teams are working tirelessly with the individual shipping lines to secure bookings, vessel space and empty containers, but the situation is highly dynamic as lines try to implement solutions to the problem. We ask that accurate forecasts are provided as far in advance as possible to enable our procurement teams to work with the carriers to secure space.