Why air charters can be the ideal solution

As air freight rates continue to rise, lack of passenger aircraft has led to a major reduction in capacity. Meanwhile, a distressed shipping industry adds further pressure. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, now could be the right time to consider using air charters.

In recent months, we have seen a dramatic surge in enquiries from new customers looking for agile, resilient and reliable solutions to move their goods – as well as a specialist provider with the relevant expertise. We have now supported numerous customers with air charters and have moved a wide range of goods – from fashion to PPE – around the world.

There are a great number of advantages to using our air charter services, which include:

  • Increased speed and agility
    Faster turnaround, reduced risk of delays and 24/7 availability through our Rapid Response team
  • Cost efficiency
    Ligentia’s robust network of contacts mean we are able to find the most cost-efficient solution for you
  • Flexibility
    With exclusive use of the aircraft, the process can be scheduled to suit your specific requirements
  • In-flight tracking and visibility
    We provide full visibility and transparency through our PO management platform, named Ligentix
  • Specialist knowledge
    Our team is experienced in handling urgent shipments of both a sensitive and complex nature
  • On-the-ground support
    Our experts are on-hand to assist you to ensure smooth operations throughout the process

If you would like more information on the air charter services currently available from Ligentia, please email lee.aldermandavis@ligentia.global