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This is us.

This is us.

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An international family,
beautifully diverse and wonderfully connected.

We’re 500+ people focused on delivering data driven supply chains, a future where moving goods across the world will be as simple as a couple of taps on your smartphone. A globally connected community, based on the principles of openness and transparency, unified team and technology and a collaborative mindset.

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& team


Community spirit is everything.
Colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers, whether we’re on different sides of the earth, or sat together in the same office, we share ambitions and prosperity.

Best-in-class technology supports teams of freight and logistics experts. The hub of our 24/7/365 customer experience, the hub of our next generation community.

Community Freight is our corporate drive, but we begin the eco-culture at home. Paperless operations. LED lighting. Sustainable furniture and refillable bottles to name a few.

What makes us

Our business is always evolving and looking forward. But our culture and values provide a consistent anchor for our customers and our people – so we can make promises with integrity, confident in our ability to deliver and exceed expectation.

For our people

Ligentia is a great place to work.
Ask anyone who works at Ligentia what the best thing about being part of the team is and they will always say ‘The People’.
We share qualities and values that make us who we are.

Customers are our north star.

We put them right at the centre of everything we do and we always deliver our promises

Results make us tick.

We are clear on our goals and we go for them! Customer outcomes, commercial targets, personal development are all pursued with passion

An entrepreneurial spirit

We spot opportunities. We are quick to act. We are always thinking ahead

We collaborate.

Our teams are stronger together. We connect, communicate and share insight to keep strong positive momentum

Always respectful.

We treat others the way we expect to be treated. We have high
standards, act with consideration and courtesy and hold ourselves to account

For our customers

Ligentia is great to do business with.
Straight-talking, reliable, always going the extra mile.
Continually bringing new ideas and improvements to the table.
A dynamic, responsive and trusted partner.

We put customers first.

Understanding, helping and advising. Going the extra mile to deliver our promises.

Insights driven.

We listen, share knowledge and deliver intelligence to our customer community.

Innovation is at our core.

We challenge to improve. Embrace technology and always look to enhance our service.

We are open and transparent.

Setting standards and upholding the principles of honesty and accountability. Open minded and open book.

Seriously responsible.

From day-in, day-out delivery for customers, through to evolving our offer. We do what we say.

Our Group Board

Nick Jones

Founder and CEO

Leading the strategy and vision for our global business.

Dan Gill

Chief Customer Officer

Championing industry leading customer experience.

Rak Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Guarding performance, governance and value.

Jan Skovgaard

Chief Operating Officer

Driving outstanding global delivery and community partnerships.

Garry Watts


Contributing significant global executive and boardroom experience.

A brief history.

Our journey so far


Group CEO, Nick Jones, founded Redfern International Logistics.


We united 2 expert teams through a major acquisition under the name Ligentia - which means 'Trusted Partner'


A further acquisition this time in China provided a strong initial presence within Asia.


Poland and Australia were our next destination to expand our global network.


Domestic operations took shape across China and in the UK we opened at 30,000 sqft HM customs approved ETSF warehouse.


Acquisition increased network in UK which led to the introduction of 'Ligentia Plus', our freight forwarding division.


Our technology hub opens in the UK and Ligentia remastered is launched as we invest heavily in how we use data to better inform our customers.


Investment secured from Equistone Partners Europe enabling rapid growth and development of our proprietary software Ligentix.

Developing more robust data driven supply chains is the next leg of our journey. It’s all about making supplier chain management easier for customers – creating a community of excellence, supported by intelligent technology and world-class expertise.

Hear what our amazing
client community has
to say.

Want to connect?

The world of global freight management is dynamic and diverse. We have 500+ colleagues, spread across a global network and fulfilling functions from operations and customer service to finance and marketing (with plenty of others in between).

All share 100% dedication to customers and a commitment to go the extra mile.

If this sounds like you, take a closer look at our careers section.

Collective voices.

Sharing our thoughts, opinions and feelings. Community news from our customers,
colleagues, partners and friends across the globe.

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