Please be advised that as we approach the Muslim festival of Bakrid there are further possibilities of delay to both sea and airfreight shipments from Bangladesh, which is already struggling to recover from previous religious festivals and increased freight movements during the autumn peak season. We would ask customers to note the following:

For Sea Freight:

  • There will be slower truck and trailer movements from the CFS to Chittagong port.
  • There is an ongoing strike by the Trailer Owners and Labor Association which so far  has not had a major impact on container movements, but has the potential to develop further.
  • Feeder vessels continue to depart according to schedule but not necessarily when full, and the potential for short-shipment is high.
  • The market remains very busy with high demand from suppliers for space.

For Air Freight:

  • There are general congestion issues around Dhaka airport with reduced capacity previously reported creating high demand for what space is available.
  • There are long queues of trucks outside the airport which are  leading to long waiting times and demurrage. This has the consequential effect of reducing the amount of general trucking capacity.
  • The scanning and loading area is congested and very full, and delays are possible.

With our partners in Bangladesh, who have preferential facilities at Dhaka airport and excellent relations with the sea-freight operators, we are confident of minimising delays. However we would request all importers to plan ahead with their suppliers, and wherever possible make early placement of sea and airfreight bookings to guarantee space as required. We would envisage this situation in Bangladesh continuing for at least a further month before volumes may begin to ease back. For further information please contact your local account management team.