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Bold Plans for Ligentia Plus

David Ross is the UK MD for Ligentia Plus – the newly launched global freight forwarding service from Ligentia. We catch up with David to get insights on how the ‘Plus’ proposition is benefitting customers across the UK and how the service is set to develop in the future.

You joined Ligentia in December last year, what were your first impressions?

I joined Ligentia as part of the Air & Cargo Services acquisition by Ligentia in December 2018.  I knew the company by its reputation as a technology-focused, financially strong provider of 3 and 4PL services to big-brand retailers.  It was immediately apparent to me that both the businesses had strong commonalities in the quality of their people and the total commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. And the acquired business offered a perfect complement to Ligentia’s strengths, with deep technical expertise and a really well-developed freight forwarding proposition, plus a UK-wide branch network.

How does Ligentia Plus tick the boxes?

Lots of the businesses in our industry are London-centric. And in the drive to embrace technology, they are becoming transactional in the way they serve customers.  Ligentia Plus is different on two levels.  Firstly, we’ve got a UK-wide branch network, underpinned by a global community of delivery partners.  It means we’re able to connect locally, whilst supporting customers to trade globally.  Secondly, sure we’re embracing technology – in order to make it as simple and efficient for customers to do business with us.  But unlike many of our competitors, we’re not doing that at the expense of genuine care and customer service.  In a complex business like supply chain and logistics, expertise and problem solving capability sits squarely with dedicated and experienced team members delivering a professional and hands-on service, day-in, day out.  My team is committed to building the kind of partnerships with customers that make a world of difference in getting the job done well.

What are the other ‘pluses’ customers will experience?

Our web tracker technology gives customers eyes on their goods, from the moment they book, until the goods are delivered – so they’re always in the know. It’s light, agile, easy to use.  This is being supplemented by our on-line customer support portal – so if a customer has a query at any point, they can get in touch with us via any number of channels – email, text, on-line, WhatsApp – and get a swift resolution in a way that is completely convenient to them.  For many of our customers, they simply want a partner that will take the burden of shipping and logistics off their plate, and our team can do exactly that.  Whatever their requirement, large or small, simple and straightforward or unusual and complex, my team has the experience to make it happen.  And beyond the business of getting the goods from A to B there’s a whole suite of value added services that can be bolted on. From customs clearance and warehousing, to consolidation and retail-ready pick and pack services…all a customer has to do is ask, we’ll take care of the rest.

What else do customers need to know?

Ligentia Plus is unbeatable for customers wanting the smartest freight forwarding service on the market.  We are fully multi-modal. We are global, not just Far-East to UK. Our growing buying power means customers are benefitting from our procurement strength and expertise.  We cover the whole of the UK, so customers are talking to people that are close-at-hand and clued-up about regional markets. We have genuine expertise in almost any vertical market you can mention, so we can bring deep knowledge to bear on even the most challenging shipments.  Plus we’ve got the technology layer to make it simple and straight forward, giving customers the control and visibility they need to run their operations with complete confidence.  Ligentia Plus has been built with today’s freight forwarding customers in mind.  We really can take care of everything, simply and effectively.

So what does the future hold?

As the most capable and technically sound freight forwarding proposition in the UK, Ligentia Plus is set to grow from strength to strength.  Spanning all vertical markets, we’re also developing a buoyant business in UK exports.  For example, here in Scotland, we’re applying our expertise to help Whisky and Salmon exporters reach global customer bases with ease.  The same applies to any customer in any region.  All they need to do is get in touch and we will connect them to experts in their local branch team, who will in turn plug them into the power of our global community of colleagues and partners.  With Plus delivering value to freight forwarding customers and Enterprise catering to the requirement of more complex supply chain management customers, Ligentia is set to be absolutely unbeatable.

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