In 2019, we launched Ligentia Remastered, signalling Ligentia’s ongoing commitment to deliver to our customers technology-enabled solutions. Our goal? To challenge the industry by leading in technology evolution, and educating customers and the wider market, on new ways of working.

Global Technology Director, Doug Brady, has since been busy driving rapid change that will help take supply chain technology to the next level. Just over 18 months after launch Doug explains what a growing team means, the technology trends driving change, and how the global pandemic has highlighted the importance of having the right partner in place.

Building an Expert Global Technology Team

Following the Remastered launch, one priority has been ensuring we have an expert team of technology professionals in place to support us on our journey. We’ve made some excellent hires and now have an extremely motivated team in place who are all passionate about making a difference for our customers. As a business that really does invest in its technology, as demonstrated by the recent Equistone investment, our tech team are extremely committed to delivering at a fast pace.

By implementing software engineering best practice we’ve made great strides in how we do things and have laid a solid foundation for current and future developments that will continue to drive change for our customers. We’ve always had powerful technology, but we have ambitious plans to make sure it delivers everything our customers need to succeed in today’s market.

Through ongoing, sustainable development and a highly knowledgeable team, we’re well-positioned to further establish ourselves as a trusted partner in this space.

RPA and AI Within the Supply Chain

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one tool we’ve been working with to drive efficiencies and improve accuracy across our customers’ supply chains. Through RPA, we’ve been able to rapidly automate a number of manual processes that typically involve people doing repeatable tasks over and over again. What’s more, RPA is a very scalable solution, so it offers a good level of flexibility.

We’re also very excited about the work we’ve been doing with machine learning, which is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Rather than just automating the relatively simplistic things, this technology enables a certain degree of cognition and begins to work akin to a human thought process. By aligning this with other automation technologies – such as RPA – we can start to make that ‘reasoning jump’ and extend the reach of what we can automate.

Supply Chain Technology in the Post-pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for our customers’ supply chains to be flexible, responsive and agile. Those businesses that have succeeded in the current challenging environment have done so because of their ability to be agile. They‘ve been able to spot opportunities and exploit them – and that needs to be reflected in the technology they use.

Data plays a huge part in that, of course. Many businesses have masses of unstructured data, which now needs to be transformed into structured data that will help drive better decisions moving forward.

I have no doubt that automation, machine learning and data will continue to be key drivers in the supply chain industry and that will continue to be the case here at Ligentia.

Above all, it’s become very apparent that customers need the right technology and the right partner in place to successfully navigate all manner of disruption. Without that in place, they’ll have a very difficult time. If technology isn’t already in place, it needs to be implemented. If it is, people should be asking themselves if the user experience is on-point, if it can carry out the right tasks for them and if it can truly help futureproof their business. In many ways 2021 is looking like a repeat of 2020, meaning it’s crucial to work alongside a partner that understands your needs and can deliver today, next month and next year.


Ligentia is committed to finding new ways of working for customers that will deliver real value. For a discussion about your technology requirements and the ways in which our user-friendly proprietary software Ligentix can support you, please get in touch.