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What are origin services?

Value Add, OVAS, direct-to-store, upstream optimisation, cross docking. Multi country consolidation, DC bypass – many terms and a range of solutions – ultimately, we’re making your products “retail ready” at origin to reduce handling in the warehouse and on the shop floor.

Why Upstream?

  • Supports dynamic decision making
  • Need to re-route garments from the UK to Korea or sell in China? We can ensure your product meets local requirements such as re-labelling.
  • Need to re-direct microwaves from France to the UK? We can change the plug and re-box your product
  • Can reduce your cost to serve
  • Cross docking solutions mean on receipt of goods at your warehouse they can be devanned and stored quickly, minimising handling and maintaining floor space.

Buyers Consolidation (CFS/CY): Consolidation of multiple orders from different shippers at origin into one container, this reduces freight costs and can have a positive impact on lead-time as containers can be sent direct to the warehouse rather for deconsolidation.

Value added services (OVAS): Vendors deliver into Ligentia warehouse for packing based on customer requirements, benefit of upstream solutions include; Identify product issues at source, most QC issues can be easily rectified before loading avoiding re-work costs at destination.

Direct to store (DTS): Cargo loaded and packed for delivery into a domestic network, this will include final delivery details attached to a single carton (SSCC label) for injection into a parcel network such as DHL

ScanPack: Bulk orders received from shipper, then received and scanned at item level – orders are allocated by store based on replenishment requirements, items are scanned at into cartons and ASN’s at container level are transmitted to client warehouse for receiving.

Send us an enquiry to find out how Ligentia can support your organisation at origin.

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