Our consolidation services throughout Asia, often known as CFS, bring cost savings, control and value-added services to our customers.

By buying the exact quantities required without worrying about filling a full container our customers benefit from efficient stock control and the lowest shipping costs, all run through modern, well managed facilities. Suppliers deliver the stock into a Ligentia CFS facility where our team perform goods-in checks around quantity and condition and then cross-dock with minimal dwell time into full container loads to destination. The full process is managed by us so you can be assured that you will always be paying the lowest shipping costs.

Additional benefits of routing stock through a CFS are the value-added services that can be delivered within the facility. We run numerous customer specific programmes from quality control checks on goods, re-packaging, labelling and pick and pack solutions. These allow the stock from multiple factories to be checked for quality, then picked to form one unit and be ready for quick despatch at destination, saving time and money.

We also operate regional CFS solutions which cater for suppliers who don’t necessarily ship from main ports. A regional solution allows suppliers, or Ligentia on their behalf, to truck to CFS facilities closer to the ports. This not only enables our clients to capture more volume via CFS, therefore delivering larger cost savings, but it normally also improves end-to-end lead time savings due to having more robust schedule options. This method also reduces risk in the supply chain because our customers are not relying on the feeder vessel being on time to connect to the correct mother vessel.

This solution has added value for one of our leading supply chain customers who send all of their components into a South China CFS to operate on a ‘Just In Time’ approach, delivering into their production plants on a more favourable schedule with lower risk and cost. This initiative over the last 12 months delivered a saving of EUR 30K.

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