Our global team is working hard to continue operations as normal. Following the recent announcements of an extended New Year holiday we have applied contingency plans that allow our colleagues in China to work from home, and managers are in daily contact with their team.

We expect supply chains to be affected as manufacturing is halted further, and staff will be unable to attend work. This will also affect truckers, cargo handlers, warehouse operators etc. The knock on affect is likely to be a surge in air pricing as the back log of orders mount due to delayed production, and the demand for air freight will increase to bridge the gap.

The good news is we are planning with our customers to identify priority orders and products to forward plan as much as possible.  By looking at new routing options that may include road/air services, sea-air services and other deferred air services, we will be able to help you keep your supply chain moving.

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Source: Air Cargo News 29/01/19

The air cargo industry is bracing itself for the impact of measures taken to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus in China. Overnight, British Airways announced that it would suspend all direct flights to and from mainland China, with others expected to follow.

United Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Air Canada are amongst the other airlines that had already announced plans to reduce flight numbers.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has extended the New Year holiday – a time when production in the country comes to a halt – by at least three days, until February 3.

Businesses in the Jiangsu province, which includes Shanghai, have been ordered to remain closed through to February 10.

And the vast majority of flights into and out of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, were stopped last week.

It isn’t yet clear what impact this could have on air cargo, although supply chains are expected to be hit, with bellyhold air cargo capacity already reduced.

Meanwhile, there has been some suggestion that there could be a surge in demand when factories re-open.

Did you know that each and every day, there are 20 million parcels sent by air cargo, weighing over 140,000 tonnes in total. Plus 657 million packages and 898 million letters. Air Cargo is more diverse than you might expect with 1.1M smartphones being transported, 80,000 flowers and even 200 race horses.*

Here at Ligentia we’re playing our part in this busy sector, offering customers 24/7 Air Services to support customers when time is of the essence in getting their goods from A to B.

Our Air Division was created in 2014 in response to our customers’ requirements for multi-modal services.  We began with 30,000 sq/ft of bonded warehousing in Heathrow and within 6 months we’d added in additional facilities in Manchester.

Now with a substantial and expert team of staff on the ground working seamlessly together in both of these locations, we’re able to support customers with quick and efficient handing of their cargo –that is ‘cleared’ within our facility.

Many of the goods we handle also benefit from our pre-retail services, being palletised down to SKU level to meet onward distribution centre requirements.  With e-Comms growing at 20-30% year-on-year, Ligentia is experiencing increasing demand for these kinds of services from customer organisations across multiple sectors and encompassing everything from the most established retail players, through to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Our Air Division is also going from strength-to-strength at other key global locations – demonstrating the reach and coverage of this super-efficient service.  We currently have live consolidation hub projects in Dubai as well as growing our Air Freight provision into Australia as market trends across the world continue to impact trade lane demand. Intra-Asia business is another growth hotspot as is South Africa.  Closer to home, we are also seeing an increase in the volume of UK air business we’re supporting out of our Bristol and Glasgow thanks to the focus and dedication of our branch teams on the ground.

Global Air Freight Director, Lee Alderman Davis comments, ‘Changes in consumer behaviour are fuelling the popularity of Air Freight services, which is driving growth in our own business.  The team in Ligentia’s Air Freight Division really embrace the challenge.  They work together as one, often going above and beyond to make sure that every detail is taken care of for our customers and goods arrive reliably and always on time, when speed of delivery really matters.’

In addition to e-Comm services, Ligentia also operates Aircraft On Ground (AOG) services, providing expedited services for parts to airlines and other industries where 24/7, rapid response international freight enables a business-critical operational response.  Beyond this Ligentia is also expanding its support to non-retail sectors, involving high value products that require the care, speed and security of delivery that Air Freight can provide.  Sectors including communication, hi-tech and electronics are all benefiting from the responsiveness and agility of Air Freight services from Ligentia.

*source: IATA, The Value of Air Cargo

Today we unveiled our new brand along with a new global web site. It signals the commitment from Ligentia to deliver ‘Next Generation Freight’ via technology enabled solutions. The brand has been re-mastered to represent the positive move towards global diversity and an open business model that further places customers at the heart of the business.

This bold move goes hand in hand with our clear and differentiated proposition to supply chain customers under the banner; Ligentia ‘Enterprise’ and a globally accessible next generation freight forwarding service named; Ligentia ‘Plus’.  All customers will continue to benefit from a leading system in Ligentix that connects the entire supply chain in one seamless platform.

Our customers are already seeing benefits in the way we connect technology and people to deliver a high-quality experience. Ligentix has been transformed with unique digital customer service tools as well as advanced business intelligence and data analytics. Customers can now connect with our global experts 24/7/365 in any way they chose.

Daniel Gill, Chief Customer Officer explains: ‘Digital transformation is on the strategic agenda for each and every one of the organisations we serve. Ligentia is on a similar journey, digitising processes to increase efficiency and applying AI and Machine Learning technologies to add significant value to customers. Our passion is to make it easier and more commercially advantageous to do business with Ligentia. This has already started, but our customers can expect a rolling programme of tech innovation in the months ahead.’

As part of our Customer Transport Emission Mitigation Initiative, our Sea-Air Service is 50% greener than standard air freight.

You can’t fail to see the world uniting to tackle the challenge of climate change.  We are playing our part with our Sea-Air product which gives our customers a swift solution to pressing freight requirements, whilst also reducing the impact of the carbon emissions involved.

Climate change and the green debate frequently dominate international headlines. At a macro level, governments are playing their part with legislation such as The Paris Agreement.  At a micro-level, consumers are exercising their power to choose buy buying more eco-friendly products, changing their usage behaviours and committing to recycling.  But here at Ligentia, we also recognise that our industry has a part to play in the middle – helping manufacturers and retailers to meet their business imperatives, serve their customers and make better choices for the planet.

Working with key partners, we’re combining optimum sea freight and air freight legs within global supply chains in ways that cut time, cost and CO2 emissions by up to 50%.  What’s more, we’re doing the hard work to monitor and measure against these targets – which means that customers are equipped to play their role in raising emission awareness with their consumers, their shareholders, their partners and their employees.

Our expert team are now able to give our customers carbon forecasts up front – at the point where different shipping options are being evaluated. Then we are able to close the loop by providing reports to record progress made, and offer an annual summary of what has been achieved. Being armed with this kind of data and insight, helps customers to develop year-on-year action plans to optimise cost, CO2 and time savings.

In summary, our CUT carbon reports help customers to identify areas of high-impact and low hanging fruit to help them be better eco-citizens.  This emission mitigation initiative is part of a broader commitment to play our part in revolutionising our sector and its corporate social responsibility contributions.  We’re calling it next generation freight.

David Ross is the UK MD for Ligentia Plus – the newly launched global freight forwarding service from Ligentia. We catch up with David to get insights on how the ‘Plus’ proposition is benefitting customers across the UK and how the service is set to develop in the future.

You joined Ligentia in December last year, what were your first impressions?

I joined Ligentia as part of the Air & Cargo Services acquisition by Ligentia in December 2018.  I knew the company by its reputation as a technology-focused, financially strong provider of 3 and 4PL services to big-brand retailers.  It was immediately apparent to me that both the businesses had strong commonalities in the quality of their people and the total commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. And the acquired business offered a perfect complement to Ligentia’s strengths, with deep technical expertise and a really well-developed freight forwarding proposition, plus a UK-wide branch network.

How does Ligentia Plus tick the boxes?

Lots of the businesses in our industry are London-centric. And in the drive to embrace technology, they are becoming transactional in the way they serve customers.  Ligentia Plus is different on two levels.  Firstly, we’ve got a UK-wide branch network, underpinned by a global community of delivery partners.  It means we’re able to connect locally, whilst supporting customers to trade globally.  Secondly, sure we’re embracing technology – in order to make it as simple and efficient for customers to do business with us.  But unlike many of our competitors, we’re not doing that at the expense of genuine care and customer service.  In a complex business like supply chain and logistics, expertise and problem solving capability sits squarely with dedicated and experienced team members delivering a professional and hands-on service, day-in, day out.  My team is committed to building the kind of partnerships with customers that make a world of difference in getting the job done well.

What are the other ‘pluses’ customers will experience?

Our web tracker technology gives customers eyes on their goods, from the moment they book, until the goods are delivered – so they’re always in the know. It’s light, agile, easy to use.  This is being supplemented by our on-line customer support portal – so if a customer has a query at any point, they can get in touch with us via any number of channels – email, text, on-line, WhatsApp – and get a swift resolution in a way that is completely convenient to them.  For many of our customers, they simply want a partner that will take the burden of shipping and logistics off their plate, and our team can do exactly that.  Whatever their requirement, large or small, simple and straightforward or unusual and complex, my team has the experience to make it happen.  And beyond the business of getting the goods from A to B there’s a whole suite of value added services that can be bolted on. From customs clearance and warehousing, to consolidation and retail-ready pick and pack services…all a customer has to do is ask, we’ll take care of the rest.

What else do customers need to know?

Ligentia Plus is unbeatable for customers wanting the smartest freight forwarding service on the market.  We are fully multi-modal. We are global, not just Far-East to UK. Our growing buying power means customers are benefitting from our procurement strength and expertise.  We cover the whole of the UK, so customers are talking to people that are close-at-hand and clued-up about regional markets. We have genuine expertise in almost any vertical market you can mention, so we can bring deep knowledge to bear on even the most challenging shipments.  Plus we’ve got the technology layer to make it simple and straight forward, giving customers the control and visibility they need to run their operations with complete confidence.  Ligentia Plus has been built with today’s freight forwarding customers in mind.  We really can take care of everything, simply and effectively.

So what does the future hold?

As the most capable and technically sound freight forwarding proposition in the UK, Ligentia Plus is set to grow from strength to strength.  Spanning all vertical markets, we’re also developing a buoyant business in UK exports.  For example, here in Scotland, we’re applying our expertise to help Whisky and Salmon exporters reach global customer bases with ease.  The same applies to any customer in any region.  All they need to do is get in touch and we will connect them to experts in their local branch team, who will in turn plug them into the power of our global community of colleagues and partners.  With Plus delivering value to freight forwarding customers and Enterprise catering to the requirement of more complex supply chain management customers, Ligentia is set to be absolutely unbeatable.

Here at Ligentia Enterprise, we’re busy rolling out a new, customer success platform that is defining next generation service for the brands and businesses we support.

The project has successfully completed phase one of roll-out and has been fully implemented with five customers, with a further five happening now and a goal of having all Enterprise customers enjoying a new level of technology enabled service, by the end of the year.

For each customer this means that all email correspondence will be directed to a single, account-specific email address.  All email requests and queries are then served, not to a single Ligentia contact, but to a global team, including key account managers at both origin and destination.  What this means is that customer success now ‘follows the sun’. Requests can be actioned by the most appropriate team member within the shortest possible time, rather than waiting in colleague’s in-boxes during out of hours periods.

All requests are centrally stored, tracked and visible both to Ligentia and to the customer, giving all-eyes-on the issue and resolution. What’s more, over time, this ‘knowledge hub’ grows and becomes a source of intelligence that can then be applied to improve and expedite customer success across the board.

For example, the system will track the most frequently asked questions, which are then captured and offered to customers on a self-serve basis, for immediate help and support.  Where there are repeated tickets raised for specific supply chain issues, the system flags this to the Ligentia team for a fast, high-impact solution.

But the system isn’t just supporting customers in the day-to-day operations, it also provides bigger picture information and value.  Within their login areas, customers will find full information regarding their team, the contract, SLAs and regularly generated reports.  Plus there are discussion threads and chats that customers can join that will keep them up to date with the latest market trends and trade lane insights.  Essentially, everything that the customer needs is centrally available in one, easy-to-access place and working seamlessly within our proprietary supply chain management software, Ligentix.

Anthony Plummer, the Managing Director for Ligentia Enterprise in the UK explains how the system is transforming customer success: ‘The new platform is a genuine game changer for Ligentia, reducing response times, streamlining processes and ensuring that the maximum intelligence is derived from each and every interaction we have with our customers. It puts information at their finger-tips, builds a robust knowledge base and empowers customers to connect with our business on their terms.’

The new system is truly multi-channel, so customers can connect via We Chat, WhatsApp and messenger rather than email.  All the data flows to the same place, for the same speedy turnaround, by the most appropriate team resource, wherever in the world that may be.

Anthony elaborates: ‘By reducing the amount of manual processing involved in delivering customer support and by giving everyone a clear view on the status of every query or ticket, the system massively reduces pressure on our customers’ inboxes.  For our teams, it’s simultaneously freeing up time for the solution building and expert problem solving that create the most value and advantage for our customers.’

Doug Brady recently joined Ligentia as Chief Technology Officer. Based in the brand-new, world-leading technology research, talent and innovation centre: Nexus in Leeds, Doug is busy building the team that is set to take tech in our industry to the next level.  We caught up with Doug, now three months into his role, to understand how plans are unfolding.

Why did the Global Director of Technology role at Ligentia appeal to you?

My passion is creating technology that directly drives tangible business benefit.  It was my focus in my previous role at Direct Line Insurance, where we used robotic process automation to take onerous work out of operating processes to achieve efficiency, cost savings and free up resources to focus on value creation.  My initial thoughts were that Supply Chain and Logistics offers huge opportunities for similar transformation and that Ligentia, with a strong track record of investment in proprietary technology and a genuine appetite for innovation, were perfectly positioned to lead the industry. This is a sector that has been slow to fully adopt the full potential of technology to achieve operational and strategic transformation – but for me there are clearly big competitive advantages to be won. So my role and focus is to put Ligentia right at the front of that transformation.

What are the plans for the team at Nexus?

From a tech perspective, my role offers a greenfield opportunity.  I’m building a team from the ground up – but we couldn’t be in a better place to do the development.  Nexus is an outstanding facility and Leeds is a great location for top-class tech talent, so I’m running a three month recruitment program to assemble a full development team who can apply themselves to our challenge with rigor and attention to detail. But beyond that I’m looking for people who are lateral thinkers…people who are prepared to break the rules to create outstanding solutions.  These are people that are going to hit the ground running, so that in 2020 Ligentia’s in-house team at Nexus will be leading the charge on technology transformation for our business and our industry.

Where is your first focus on the journey ahead?

We will be running two workstreams in tandem.  The first is to deliver high-impact improvement in Ligentia’s operational technology.  We’re building from an excellent foundation, with the cornerstones in place – but our focus will be on driving big business benefits, by ensuring all our tech is integrated, harmonised and providing genuine support to people within the business. The goal is to free-up our talented teams to focus on the most interesting and challenging parts of their roles – the parts that most significantly add value for the customer.  The second workstream is enabled by the first, by freeing up resource and enhancing profitability through automation and efficiency, we’ll be looking to capitalise on the potential of our core customer technology to create scalable technology that empowers next generation freight customers.

How do you feel about the opportunities technology will create for the business and its customers?

Ligentia already has outstanding IP in technology. My job is to make sure we leverage that IP to serve our current customers better and create unbeatable propositions for more customers to join the movement and work with our talented teams.  It’s an ambitious plan and roadmap – but I know that Ligentia has the passion, vision and commitment to make our vision a reality – so I’m feeling confident about the opportunities ahead.