As part of our Customer Transport Emission Mitigation Initiative, our Sea-Air Service is 50% greener than standard air freight.

You can’t fail to see the world uniting to tackle the challenge of climate change.  We are playing our part with our Sea-Air product which gives our customers a swift solution to pressing freight requirements, whilst also reducing the impact of the carbon emissions involved.

Climate change and the green debate frequently dominate international headlines. At a macro level, governments are playing their part with legislation such as The Paris Agreement.  At a micro-level, consumers are exercising their power to choose buy buying more eco-friendly products, changing their usage behaviours and committing to recycling.  But here at Ligentia, we also recognise that our industry has a part to play in the middle – helping manufacturers and retailers to meet their business imperatives, serve their customers and make better choices for the planet.

Working with key partners, we’re combining optimum sea freight and air freight legs within global supply chains in ways that cut time, cost and CO2 emissions by up to 50%.  What’s more, we’re doing the hard work to monitor and measure against these targets – which means that customers are equipped to play their role in raising emission awareness with their consumers, their shareholders, their partners and their employees.

Our expert team are now able to give our customers carbon forecasts up front – at the point where different shipping options are being evaluated. Then we are able to close the loop by providing reports to record progress made, and offer an annual summary of what has been achieved. Being armed with this kind of data and insight, helps customers to develop year-on-year action plans to optimise cost, CO2 and time savings.

In summary, our CUT carbon reports help customers to identify areas of high-impact and low hanging fruit to help them be better eco-citizens.  This emission mitigation initiative is part of a broader commitment to play our part in revolutionising our sector and its corporate social responsibility contributions.  We’re calling it next generation freight.