Anthony Plummer, UK MD Ligentia Enterprise, highlights the importance of digital supply chain technology post-COVID.

Digital supply chain technologies will have a significant impact on global operations moving forward. Supply chains have suffered huge impacts during the COVID-19 global outbreak, primarily from a supply side in China and then from a demand side as other countries were impacted.

Digital technology now runs the majority of global supply chains to some degree, although may not be immediately visible to everyone. Increasing robotics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are all present and here to stay and becoming more important to drive the efficiencies and control required. COVID-19 will likely provide disruption for the rest of 2020 as the new ‘normal’ becomes clear with increased e-commerce, social distancing and disrupted global supply chains as further outbreaks occur round the world.

Predictive analytics may have struggled to understand this new behaviour, but should be used on a wider basis in global supply chains to help understand and manage operations. Understanding and predicting patterns within supply chains should not be based on anecdotal ‘evidence’ or individuals experience as the human mind cannot compute the thousands of eventualities in today’s inter-linked supply chains. Using years of data around all of the parties and providers in a supply chain can help to understand a likely critical path rather than what is expected to happen in a perfect world.

Understanding the likely risks will ensure that inventories can be managed more efficiently and costs minimised.

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Today we unveiled our new brand along with a new global web site. It signals the commitment from Ligentia to deliver ‘Next Generation Freight’ via technology enabled solutions. The brand has been re-mastered to represent the positive move towards global diversity and an open business model that further places customers at the heart of the business.

This bold move goes hand in hand with our clear and differentiated proposition to supply chain customers under the banner; Ligentia ‘Enterprise’ and a globally accessible next generation freight forwarding service named; Ligentia ‘Plus’.  All customers will continue to benefit from a leading system in Ligentix that connects the entire supply chain in one seamless platform.

Our customers are already seeing benefits in the way we connect technology and people to deliver a high-quality experience. Ligentix has been transformed with unique digital customer service tools as well as advanced business intelligence and data analytics. Customers can now connect with our global experts 24/7/365 in any way they chose.

Daniel Gill, Chief Customer Officer explains: ‘Digital transformation is on the strategic agenda for each and every one of the organisations we serve. Ligentia is on a similar journey, digitising processes to increase efficiency and applying AI and Machine Learning technologies to add significant value to customers. Our passion is to make it easier and more commercially advantageous to do business with Ligentia. This has already started, but our customers can expect a rolling programme of tech innovation in the months ahead.’