Most shipping lines are now reporting serious shortages of empty containers for loading throughout Asia. The most serious issues appear to be in India where a number of ports and container depots have no empty containers available.

The shortages have been caused by a number of factors including congestion in European, US and Australian ports restricting empty loading back to Asia, extended time taken to unload containers in destination countries and general disruption to flows caused by revised sailing schedules and changes to vessels being used. Shipping lines are also reporting larger than expected loadings from Asia in a prolonged peak season which has little sign of slowing down.

Our teams are working tirelessly with the individual shipping lines to secure bookings, vessel space and empty containers, but the situation is highly dynamic as lines try to implement solutions to the problem. We ask that accurate forecasts are provided as far in advance as possible to enable our procurement teams to work with the carriers to secure space.

Customer Announcement:

Overnight we received notification that the Chinese government has now extended the New Year holiday period to 9th February in additional regions.

Therefore we would like to make our customers aware that our offices in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen will be closed until the 9th February. However we have made contingency plans to ensure all teams are able to work remotely from 3rd February.

We are in constant contact with vendors regarding existing bookings. As yet we have not received any official notification of delays to current schedules, when we do have information to share your account manager will contact you immediately.

If you have any other queries please contact your account manager.

We appreciate your patience as we gain more information