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Culture and values

Going above and beyond, it's in our nature

In the last few years, we’ve learned just how important global supply chains are in getting us through our daily lives, from delivering life-saving PPE, to making sure the shelves are stocked in our local stores. Ligentia is right at the heart of this demanding industry, helping develop more sustainable, cost-effective and agile supply chains for some of the world's best-known brands. But it wouldn’t be possible without the culture we’ve built, one of tenacity, passion and innovation.

We are what we do

Making the impossible possible is hard-wired into the team, uniting everyone with one goal: finding a better way for customers. We’re a team that goes above and beyond every day, building strong relationships with our customers as we go. Delivering a best-in-class, flexible service focused on your needs, helping you make better decisions and taking away supply chain pain.

Our values

We’ve got passionate problem solvers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the US made up of over 1300 colleagues. But one thing that unites them is that they’re all living the values that make us who we are, every day.

We’re customer obsessed.

Customers are at the centre of everything we do and their success drives our success. We don't stop until we deliver on our promises to customers and to each other. 

We’re results driven.

We're clear on our goals and we go for them! Customer outcomes, commercial targets, personal development are all pursued with passion.

We’re entrepreneurial.

We’re innovative problem solvers: we spot opportunities and we’re quick to act. We’re flexible, resourceful and able to navigate through ambiguity. We are always thinking ahead.

We’re one team, one company.

Our diverse team is what makes us strong. We succeed because we connect, communicate and collaborate as one global team. 

We’re seriously responsible.

We consciously plan our actions to achieve our goals, taking particular care to do this in a way that supports sustainability We have high standards and we hold ourselves to account.

“Global freight knowledge”

The dedicated global team at Ligentia is a small but extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team involved in every part of our overseas supply chain whether that be liaising with our suppliers, our carriers, hauliers or our internal DC and vehicle booking teams. I very much appreciate and value the commitment and loyalty shown by everyone, at every level, involved in our account at Ligentia.


“Agility and continuous improvement”

Working with the team at Ligentia means they know our business inside out and can respond with agility when we need to meet spikes in demand. But beyond the smooth day to day running of our supply chain, we meet regularly to review overall supply chain performance against objectives. We’re always looking for ways to run leaner and smarter and we see our own commitment to continuous improvement being matched by our Ligentia Team.

  • Neal Austin, Global Operations Director
  • Mayborn

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