Our CFS facilities are located across key locations in China including, Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou.

Our warehouse solutions can improve the efficiency of a supply chain particularly for organisations that involve regular export and import of goods that need short term storage before being de-consolidated, repackaged and prepared to be delivered to the final consignee.

In addition we offer value-add services from quality control to garment hanging, which will streamline the entire logistics process as well as increase productivity and flexibility of your supply chain.

Most importantly our advanced IT solution Ligentix, can help you manage your inventory and guarantee total stock visibility.

Benefits of storing goods at origin with Ligentia include:

  • Greater control of inventory
  •  Real time visibility down to SKU level
  •  Inventory control solutions
  •  Reduced pressure on store operations and distribution networks
  •  Ship what you need when you need it without  the constraints of MOQ’s
  •  24/7 accessible technology platform – Ligentix
  • Dedicated point of contact

For more information on the fulfilment services Ligentia can offer your organisation click here.