Today, as technology continues to change the face of the logistics industry, many organisations are faced with the age old problem of attempting to push supply chain improvements through legacy systems which are incapable of delivering a sustainable transformation.

To keep ahead of the competition and adapt to market changes, investing in technology that will meet your requirements today, and in the future, has become a necessity to drive a successful supply chain.

Adoption in data driven supply chains

Investing in the right technology gives you greater control. Supply chain management is a field where big data and analytics have obvious applications. However until recently organisations have been less quick to implement big data analytics in supply chain management than in other areas of operation. The sort of analytics which are really revolutionising the industry today is real-time analytics.

Advantages of applying better data analysis:

  • Rapid implementation and time to value
  • Increased agility with adaptable virtual communities
  • Higher revenues due to increased service levels and fewer stockouts
  • Global visibility into orders and shipments with increased transparency
  • Reduced inventories across all sites
  • Lower cost of goods sold
  • Better traceability and product safety

At Ligentia we understand the best technology supports end-to-end supply chains that connect many partners to deliver a physical product on time. Ligentix is our proprietary software platform designed to connect and inform.  As our customers face new challenges they drive our ability to deliver new tech capability. As such innovation will continue to be at the core of our investment in Ligentix and wider technology usage across the business.Our overall focus will continue to be new ways of working which includes introducing RPA and machine learning. In addition increased foresight delivered by our new business analytics module is a further enhancement of our current Ligentix platform.

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