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The Ever Given is Forever Giving!

At approximately 13:00hrs GMT today the Ever Given was successfully re-floated in the Suez Canal, and is presently on route to the Great Bitter Lake accompanied by several large tug vessels.  It is currently unclear if the vessel is in need of repair, engineers report the ship’s engine is fully functional, and both the owners and operators are indicating the ship will quickly be able to proceed to Rotterdam.

Expected impact

With supply chains already strained with the challenges faced by the pandemic, the disruption of the canal blockage is expected to have a ripple effect until the end of June. According to current data there are over 370 vessels currently anchored, waiting to move through the canal, with many more on their way to the region.

Extended transit times, further blank sailings, port congestion and a lack of empty containers, will likely result in an increase in rates through congestion surcharges, PSS and other emergency surcharges carriers may impose.

Alternative solutions

Last week our Customer teams priority was identifying the shipments that are on the vessels queuing and inform Ligentia customers of expected delays. This week our teams are working with Ligentia customers to implement changes to future bookings to move stock quicker and consider different modal options. Our sea-air Dubai to UK service, air services and rail services, are all options currently being considered as our dedicated teams work hard to find solutions.

For more information on available capacity over the coming months click here to send your shipment enquiry.

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