Ocean freight highlights

• Rollovers for several loops with 2M/ Ocean Alliance/ The Alliance after aggressive rate adjustments and capacity control with blank sailing in the market
• Ocean Alliance has implemented a Spring blank sailing program in April and May and has downsized vessels in certain loops to manage capacity in the market
• Market rate reduction should slow down after mid-April starting from Week 18 as approximately a 47,000 teu capacity withdrawal will be delivered in the Far East West Bound market

Air freight highlights

• To date Hong Kong air performance this year has not reached the levels forecast by IATA for 2019
• The launch of Apples products (New Ipad and New Ipad-mini) has impacted North China, with the air freight market pushing rates higher and overall space restricted
• South China remains stagnant with zero capacity issues
• Before the Easter holidays, the Chinese market will experience a slight peak, which is expected to fall after the holiday period

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