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Supply Chain visibility down to individual line items

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Item level order management technology

Our Ligentix supply chain management platform is driven by your orders, giving you status and location visibility of every single line item throughout your supply chain. This visibility across all key milestones means exceptions can be highlighted earlier and actioned sooner for maximum supply chain agility, getting critical supplies where they need to be and on time.

Critical milestone management

Ligentix tracks all milestones along the critical path and gives you immediate notification when exceptions occur outside acceptable tolerance levels. This level of information means you can tackle issues sooner and react faster.

Local expert teams

We’ve been moving goods around the world for our customers for over 25 years and our expert teams in key origin and destination countries are there to make sure everything keeps flowing. Whether it’s a key document, a customs clearance or the availability of the right container, our local experts are there to make sure it gets done and keep your goods moving on time to where they need to be.

Ligentia’s China-based teams offered us crucial connections and on-the-ground support to source and buy the products we needed in record time, and then deliver them to Australia on time and within budget

Australia Healthcare Solution Provider

Founder and Executive Chairman

How we help healthcare

We have been solving global logistics problems across a wide range of industries for over 25 years. Over recent years this has been for more and more healthcare sector customers.

Our unique blend of advanced supply chain technology and our expert teams on the ground in Asia and Europe means we can help healthcare product providers, such as animal healthcare or generic pharmaceuticals, transform their supply chains to deliver competitive advantage and direct bottom line business value.

Visibility of every critical milestone for every item means you can prioritise orders and shipments and can act faster to maintain supply chain agility.

Our teams on the ground ensure the smoothest possible transition to and through origin ports, and our destination teams are experts in customs clearance. This combined with our flexibility across carriers and routing options means we are ideally positioned to meet our customers’ critical deadlines.

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