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One global community.

One global community.

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This is next generation
global community.

Welcome to a new movement. A connected global community with shared values, shared commitment, shared strength and shared commercial advantage. This is power of collaboration in action.

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Engaging customers and their vendors and customers, connecting with network partners and the customer base, we increase our community’s combined reach.

A community partnership approach, creating shared prosperity and commercial leverage.

Leveraging the power of singular focus:
sharing resources to create better, faster and more energy and cost-efficient solutions.

We listened.


A new, globally-connected
customer is king.

You need technology that
continuously adapts to serve the
needs of a rapidly changing
landscape in global trade.


Real-time information, analytics
and business intelligence.

You want data insights that translate
into business advantage. Helping you
deliver even more value throughout
your supply chain.


Frictionless connections that
deliver frictionless trade.

An easy-to-use platform that nutures
relationships you can trust and
community partners who are able to
deliver your customer promise.


One globally effective customer
service standard.

You need global freight and logistics
experts to be available 24/7/365 with
advice and guidance on the best way
to move your goods.

Together, we can create the new paradigm.

Nick Jones

It’s time to re-think, re-imagine and reboot the way supply chain management works. Let’s make it open and easy, embracing digital transformation not simply to drive down cost, but to enhance genuine customer connection.

Our investment in the most up to date technology will help this ambition; but it will be the people, knowledge and the passion for a job well done, that will deliver the enduring difference.

Welcome to the next generation of clarity and accountability.

We’re pushing the industry standard, driving new levels of openness in everyday transactions and connections, because our customers deserve nothing less.

Competitive price
and delivery.

No hidden charges, no small print
and no after-the-fact increases to
invoices. Every transaction can be
visible and open to scrutiny.

100% visibility.
Complete control.

Log on to view all your freight data
and documentation, follow every
movement of your cargo in transit
with our eyes-on technology.

Fewer exceptions
and managed better.

Exceptional circumstances are an
everyday occurrence, when they
happen you need to know - and
have a team that’s ready to help.

Minimising the
damage we cause.

Our data will clearly define the
CO2 impact our businesses have
on the planet, together we can
reduce it, be smarter and greener.

“With shared purpose,
comes shared responsibility.”

Jan Skovgaard

COO, Ligentia.

Community Freight.

No-one wants or needs to ship fresh air. Consolidation is key.

It’s time for a smarter, technology-assisted approach to consolidating freight.

Community Freight shows the power of connection and collaboration in action to reduce wasted space in ocean freight shipments.

Genuine cost and carbon reductions.

The data generated across reduced waste in container space is easily translated into cost efficiency and carbon reduction. It helps our customers manage and achieve their own carbon-offset targets.

Simple and effective solution.

You book, we consolidate, so that every container is full to capacity. We combine our data intelligence with 25 years’ of international freight expertise to unlock genuine benefits from less than container load shipments.

Ready to make it happen today.

Our global teams are geared-up to help make this happen for you. Give one of our team a call today. Or go to live chat now.

Building trust, confirming quality,
and underpinning reliability.

Ligentia has a global network of partners with relationships developed and refined over 25 years. Now we are creating a platinum delivery standard for our industry with a focus on quality, compliance and liability.

The result: complete confidence for our customers.

We’re here to support your
next generation supply chain.

We’re here to support your next generation supply chain.

Tier 1 Carriers and only quality-assured partner networks

Alongside our own offices, we have quality-assured partners in all key global locations and we only work with the world’s most trusted carriers.  You can be confident in our breadth of global freight and supply chain expertise and depth of local knowledge.

Your business matters

We have team and tech working in complete harmony to support your business’ needs, no matter the size of your business. So give us a call or get in touch via email or chat to tell us exactly what you need and we’ll advise on the very best solution for you.

Global experts united as one team

Our global team represents the best in the industry. Uniting knowledge and industry expertise our people are committed to deliver outstanding customer service 24/7/365.

Over 20 years supporting leading brands

We have strong, long-term relationships with many leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Their loyalty is the product of our dedication, commitment and customer care.