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Second Nature

When special delivery dates really matter…


Ash Patel, Production Manager – Second Nature

Second nature is a UK greeting card publisher, importing product from China and India and supplying to high street retailers.

Timing is of the essence for seasonal and date-specific products and so reliability of delivery is absolutely critical for this successful and fast-expanding business.

Ash wanted a shipping agent that would take care of the whole process – from dealing with manufacturers to organise collection, through shipping, through customs clearance to the final delivery into the retailers’ distribution centres.

Many of Second Nature’s products are pre-packed into display units at origin, shipped in multiple containers and require breaking down upon arrival in the UK, to ensure the right palettes arrive at the correct store in a timely manner. Delivery time slots come at a premium for today’s super-competitive supermarkets and high street retailers, so there really is no margin for error.

Partnering with Ligentia takes the headache of managing these complex arrangements away for Ash and his team.  All the detail is taken care of, including Ligentia booking deliveries directly into the retailer’s delivery booking systems, to secure time-specific slots.

The only time Ash has to get involved is when an issue arises, for example an incorrect order has been despatched, or an appropriate delivery time slot cannot be found.

As an £8m business, Second Nature is shipping 1-2 containers per week from various locations. Ash credits the success of the relationship on a combination of good service and good communication skills on the part of the Ligentia team. Meticulous planning keeps the business’ supply chain running smoothly and keeps Ash and his team free to focus their energies on growing the business and keeping their customers happy – rather than dealing with the detail of organising freight.

Ash explains: ‘My team at Ligentia are friendly and courteous, we get a really professional and personal service. I know my product is in safe hands and my business is really being taken care of.’

If you’d like to understand more about the way we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to extend their freight forwarding and supply chain capabilities, we’d love to hear from you.  Let’s start a conversation.

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