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We are Working Remotely!
Yesterday the UK government announced further planning to delay and flatten the peak of the epidemic COVID-19. Part of their advice was for people where possible to work remotely, stop all non-essential travel, and limit social interaction.

Our contingency planning group continues to prioritise the health and safety of our staff and as such we have taken the decision that all colleagues working in our Glasgow, Leeds, Romford, Bristol, Manchester, Tilbury and Felixstowe offices will work remotely from tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March 2020. The team based at London Heathrow warehouse will remain in place whilst our facilities are fully operational. If government regulations no longer allow for the warehouse to operate we will update our customers.

The good news is that due to our Technology Platform our teams will be able to stay connected to each other and our customers to ensure we operate at normal levels.

Warehousing Measures
Our warehouse facilities within the UK and internationally remain open and several safety measures have been implemented. Robust hygiene controls have been introduced and contingency planning is in place if colleagues need to self-isolate.

UK Hauliers
UK hauliers are working collaboratively to implement community wide safety planning. We are requesting that all customers take note of the below and advise the Ligentia customer team of any concerns:

Electronic and Paper POD
Due to the nature of COVID-19, the virus can be spread through interaction with objects that have been handled by those who carry the virus. drivers on arrival and departure from all sites must interact with staff in order to complete paperwork, and confirm the delivery was completed. This is an identified area of risk and we understand that more and more sites are not wanting to get involved in this aspect of the collection/delivery. With this in mind, we respectfully request that any electronic or paper POD that is completed and signed by the driver only, is accepted by customers as confirmation of the delivery, waiting times etc.

Site Rules
We would also request that all drivers are permitted to remain in their vehicles while on any customer premises. At several sites that our drivers attend, on arrival they are asked to use communal waiting rooms. In the current climate, we do not believe that this is the safest option, and therefore believe that drivers should be allowed to follow the ‘social distancing’ policy and remain isolated in their vehicles for the duration of their time on sites. We understand that this may cause a change to current site rules, but due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, we request your understanding in this matter.

We expect the crisis to disrupt global supply chains for several months. Proactive emergency planning in collaboration with the Ligentia Customer teams is imperative at this time to successfully keep your goods moving.

As we receive new information we will continue to update our website as well as post on social media.

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