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Ligentia Air Charter lands carrying vital PPE for the frontline

As a global supply chain management provider, we are known for working with international retailers, brands and manufacturers. Due to the current pandemic we have successfully expanded our international expertise to help aid the movement of vital PPE to the frontline.

On Thursday, 7th May, the Ligentia team celebrated the landing of one of their air charters, this time at Doncaster Sheffield Airport for customer Ideal Medical Solutions (IMS), a UK distributor that specialises in supplying surgical equipment to medical and surgical professions. The shipment totalled 22 tonnes, equating to over 400,000 pieces.

Dan Gill, CCO, Ligentia, said:   “We have expanded our capabilities to concentrate on providing support where there is the greatest need. Our teams are currently working 24/7 to meet the growing demand for air charters as space availability becomes a growing concern for importers, and the requirements for PPE continue to be in high demand.”

Andrew Wakeling, CEO of IMS Group of Companies explained; “Ideal Medical Solutions have been able to adapt rapidly to the current crisis, and we have utilised our strong industry based relationships to source the highest quality PPE in vast volumes for our NHS and front-line staff.

Our top priority is to protect frontline staff and ensure public funds are being used appropriately to source safe and reliable PPE. During this crisis we have developed a great working relationship with Ligentia and hope to continue working together in the future.”



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