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Origin Services Case Studies

UK Retail. Store fulfilment direct from Origin

Working with this client we have removed approx. 60% of volume from their UK delivery network through DTS programme, all remaining stock is routed via B2C warehouse.

  • Vendor places booking on Ligentix at least 14days before cargo is due into the origin warehouse
  • Once Shipping Order has been released by Ligentia, the vendor sends Packing List by style, store, color and size breakdown
  • Vendor delivers cargo into the origin warehouse at PO level, cartons are packed as mixed SKU size and color
  • On receipt of cargo at the warehouse, stock is sorted by store
  • SSCC (Courier) labels are generated at the warehouse and applied to each carton based on allocation data provided by client.

AU Retail. QC at Origin

Upstreaming labour intensive activities to a lower cost base reduces handling costs and drives “right first time” production. At source QC operations encourage vendors to follow procedures as failure can delay shipment and payment.

  • Vendor packs cartons at store level; cartons contain a range of SKU’s.
  • On arrival to the warehouse 10% of all cartons are opened for basic QC checking, cargo is then sorted into by destination warehouse
  • SSCC (Courier) labels are generated via Ligentix and applied to cartons, cartons are then containerized based on final warehouse.
  • KPI data makes up part of a monthly Vendor Scorecard, where suppliers are weighted and ranked based on 7 QC KPI’s

 UK Retail. Pick and Pack for wholesale customers globally

  • Cargo is delivered to origin warehouse in SKU level cartons, once received cargo stored and scanned by store.
  • Full QC and rework is carried out based on customer requirements, this includes relabelling, changing swing tickets
  • Carton labels are generated based on client generated pick lists.
  • Containers loaded by customer code with visibility available on Ligentix
  • Vendor non-conformance is raised and fed back to the client before the product is shipped
  • Cross dock out to customers – full trailer load, pallet network or courier

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