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Ligentia Supports New Shield Distribution

The team at Ligentia have already provided free storage options to many organisations to help manage increased inventory in China. Now they have stepped up again, offering logistic support to an organisation that has designed and built new personal protective equipment (PPE).

Following discussions last week with Shield Aerosol, Ligentia will be moving the first shipment into the UK of their new DR’s INK Shield free of charge.

The disposable Resuscitation, Intubation and Nebulisation Kit Shield – or DRs INK Shield – is a compact device to cover the patient’s head, neck and shoulder area while treatments for COVID-19 are administered.

Created as a protective barrier between patients and healthcare professionals, the shield has been designed by experts at the University of Birmingham. The project, which has rapidly moved from conception through to product development, will offer an additional form of PPE that can be quickly assembled during emergency situations.

Dan Gill, Group CCO stated; “I believe that at this difficult time we all have a responsibility to support each other to the best of our ability. When Ligentia was approached by Shield Aerosol to transport the new DRs INK Shields, the decision was very easy in offering them a free service to support their first shipment arriving this week.”

The next stage of the project will see the team deploy the solution as quickly as possible to the front-line of COVID-19 care and Ligentia has been quick to respond to their supply chain requirements.

To help fund the initiative and provide shields directly to the NHS click here –  go fund me page

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