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Yantian Port Operations Update

Full export containers will not be accepted from 25/05/21 22:00pm to 27/05/21 23:59pm

Over the weekend Yantian terminal reported 5 COVID-19 cases. All cases have been linked to the same international cargo ship ‘OOCL Vancouver’ on 17th May. This has meant that currently all related people around the Yantian area have been requested to carry out a mandatory test, and are not allowed to leave their homes until a negative result has been confirmed.

What this means:

  • Lack of labour for loading/ unloading at our CFS facility to carry out the warehouse VAS which will cause some cargo delay
  • Lack of drivers to collect empty containers or return filled containers is expected to cause container delays
  • Lack of terminal workers will cause vessel delays
  • Heavy traffic congestion is expected around the Yantian area

In order to alleviate extensive congestion Yantian Port has announced that it will temporarily suspend accepting full export containers. The measure is expected to begin at 22:00 hrs on 25/05/21, with normal operations resuming at 00:00 am on 28/05/21.

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