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Our manufacturing team of specialists understand that the manufacturing industry is far more complex today than at anytime in the past. This complexity is driven by both external requirements (from consumers, customers and even suppliers) and internal changes (outsourcing as well as manufacturing capacity and inventory management). This means that synchronisation and collaboration, both within a particular manufacturer and with its external suppliers and customers are critical if the business goals for performance are going to be met.

Our solutions team do the strategic thinking and in-depth analysis necessary to re-invent supply chain operations to achieve optimal cost efficiency and create new business capability. Our warehousing and distribution network alongside our warehouse management system within Ligentix, our proprietary IT software solution, are services that can further enhance and support your current business model.

For further information on the services available through our specialist manufacturing team please complete the enquiry form and we will contact you within 48 hours, alternatively contact your nearest Ligentia office.

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