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The logistics challenges of mining companies are unique and complex. Despite significant investment, logistics often takes a back seat to core requirements around finding, extracting and processing minerals. At Ligentia we can create a best in class freight operation for your business – one that delivers greater visibility, predictability and ultimately confidence that products will arrive precisely as planned. That’s a capability your customers and your shareholders will notice.

Specialist mining services we provide at Ligentia include:

  • DDU/DDP final mile delivery solution to mining sites
  • Basic civil works related to transport completion
  • Heavy-lifts, super heavy-lifts transportation
  • On-site materials management
  • Multimodal transport/air and sea chartering
  • Import and export solutions for mining products
  • Customs clearance
  • Global Supply Chain optimisation: control tower, real time track & trace, performance management

We understand that managing logistics to and from remote locations can be challenging when reviewing multimodal carrier requirements. By outsourcing your requirements to Ligentia we can address these areas for you. Our significant experience within the sector guarantees we have working relationships with many carriers which will minimise your capacity and cost issues. Furthermore co-ordinating and synchronising multimodal operations can be difficult and requires expertise across all modes. Our significant knowledge can improve service levels and drive dramatic reductions in time, inventory and freight costs.

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