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Origin services

Get a head start with origin services

See how our local teams at origin are helping to accelerate supply chain efficiency with a range of cost-effective services.

Where you need us to be

If you want to build the most efficient, cost-effective version of your supply chain, start managing your inventory at origin. We know sourcing from a wide range of suppliers in remote locations can get complicated, so accessing our origin resources and services can help to streamline end-to-end.

Our origin services teams give you on-the-ground knowledge and expertise in supplier origin locations. The range of services we offer can be either as part of our standard supply chain management service, or picked from our value-added logistics services to suit your needs.

Efficiency-driving origin services

A sample process flow for scan pack programme

Efficient shipping and packing

Our Origin Services teams constantly monitor your supplier bookings through container selection, packing utilisation and intelligent consolidations for streamlined and cost-effective operations.

Early disruption response

Working flexibly with a wide range of carriers across multiple trade lanes, we overcome disruption and re-route cargo, switching to alternative carriers or providing different modal combinations to keep your goods moving.

Keeping deliveries moving

Making sure your product keeps moving from factory door to shop floor is our number one priority. That’s why we work closely with your suppliers’ logistics functions. So whether it’s container availability, arranging local transport or documentation assistance, we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly.

Handy value-added services

Maximise your supply chain efficiency at origin with a broad range of value-added services, like pick-and-pack, stock reworking, quality assurance, piece counts and pre-retail item checking and labelling.

“Global freight knowledge”

The dedicated global team at Ligentia is a small but extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team involved in every part of our overseas supply chain whether that be liaising with our suppliers, our carriers, hauliers or our internal DC and vehicle booking teams. I very much appreciate and value the commitment and loyalty shown by everyone, at every level, involved in our account at Ligentia.

Card Factory

“An integral part of our growth”

We have seen significant growth within our business over the last 4 years and Ligentia have played an integral part in supporting that growth by assisting with the increasing movement of goods whilst implementing new initiatives to drive down costs. Ligentia is unique in their approach to supply chain management; they show a pro-active determination in firstly understanding our business which gives me confidence that the solutions they present are aligned to our individual business objectives.

  • Head of Global Logistics
  • Card Factory

“Agility and continuous improvement”

Working with the team at Ligentia means they know our business inside out and can respond with agility when we need to meet spikes in demand. But beyond the smooth day to day running of our supply chain, we meet regularly to review overall supply chain performance against objectives. We’re always looking for ways to run leaner and smarter and we see our own commitment to continuous improvement being matched by our Ligentia Team.

  • Neal Austin, Global Operations Director
  • Mayborn

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