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Supply Chain Management

Insight rich
data, means
supply chain

Data driven intelligence is your supply chain advantage.

Supply chain advantage.
A powerful combination of
people, technology and data.

Our technology is why we remain a global leader in supply chain management. Proprietary software providing complete visibility 24/7, complex data in simple and easy to understand analytics, and a knowledge hub brimming with information.

Ligentia experts are on hand to deliver structured reviews that drive efficiencies to make a positive, sustained impact to your business. You are in expert hands when you partner with Ligentia.

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Insight & data driven intelligence | Tech and teams support | Supply chain advantage

  • Insight & data driven intelligence.
  • 24/7/365 people and tech support.
  • Supply chain advantage.

Supply chain advantage through international freight intelligence.

A powerful and visible combination of people, technology, data-analytics and international supply chain management services.

Data driven technology - the future of supply chain management.

Knowledge is POWER.

We provide data driven supply chains that puts the information to drive business-critical decision making at your fingertips. We understand complete visibility equals total control, making agility and efficiency of your operations easier.

Data insights
the oxygen
of progress.

Information is power.

Our world-class supply chain
management technology puts the business-critical information at your

Complete visibility equals total

Hear what our amazing customer community has to say.

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Data Driven Intelligence.

Driving supply chain innovation and efficiencies through smart teams and technology. People who always go the extra mile, extending your team’s capability. All supported by the best technology in the logistics industry.

Freight intelligence,
services & technology.

Carrier management
& cargo handling.

We’re here to develop your data driven supply chain.

We’re here
to develop
your data

Major investment made in technology

Our platform is tried, tested and trusted by customers the world-over. Now with more agility, more responsiveness and deeper insight into your supply chain.

Over 20 years supporting leading global brands

We have strong, long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading retailers and consumer brands. Their loyalty is a representation of our dedication, commitment and customer care.

Bespoke and tailored solutions

We have tech and team working in complete harmony to support your business’ needs. But we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  So give us a call or get in touch via email or LiveChat, to tell us exactly what you need and we’ll advise on the very best supply chain solution for your business.

Tier 1 carriers and only global quality-assured partner network

Alongside our own offices, we have quality-assured supply chain partners in all key global locations and we only work with the world’s most trusted carriers.  You can be confident in our breadth of global supply chain expertise and depth of local knowledge.

Arrange a supply chain health check today.

Let our team of experts review your supply chain.

Through a process of extensive engagement, mapping and measurement, costs reductions and overall efficiencies are gained across multiple departments.

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