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Rising fuel costs impact 2019 negotiations: 26th September 2018

September 26th, 2018|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Robert Marshall, UK Commercial Director, shares his thoughts on the current challenges facing importers. The impact of rising fuel costs continues to be a source of concern and will be a key discussion point in upcoming freight negotiations for 2019 and beyond.  There are essentially two areas to consider: short-term bunker increases which carriers are [...]

Asia-Europe Trade, Ocean Market Report – April 2017

April 3rd, 2017|Categories: Market Reports|Tags: , , |

Over the next few weeks one of the most significant events in global container shipping in the last 10 years will unfold as the world’s leading carriers re- arrange the consortia in which they operate, and attempt to deliver revised and hopefully improved services.

Asia to Europe Ocean Trade Market Report – September 2016

September 20th, 2016|Categories: Market Reports|Tags: , , , , |

Almost 7 years ago when the container shipping industry looked in danger of financial meltdown, it was widely predicted that at least one major container operator would not survive. Against all the odds, and in a number of cases after selling off the family jewellery and the odd port here and there, everybody did survive the next few years, albeit with little more financial success.

Asia-Europe Trade, Ocean Market Report – July 2016

July 20th, 2016|Categories: Market Reports|Tags: , , |

In our last market update some 5 weeks ago it was noted that there were the first signs of some subtle changes in the Asia-Europe freight market, and for the first time in over 12 months an indication that the carriers were getting some measure of control on the over-capacity situation that has characterised the market for some time.

Asia: Europe Trade Ocean Market Report – May 2016

May 25th, 2016|Categories: Market Reports|Tags: , , |

The late spring period is one that is traditionally quieter for many retailers and their suppliers as we pass through a between-season period, with spring/summer products despatched or delivered, and the autumn peak season yet to commence. Consequently container arrivals in Europe on the main east-west trades tend to fall back a little and freight rates reflecting lower demand tend to drift downwards.

Asia: Europe Trade Ocean Market Report – April 2016

April 14th, 2016|Categories: Market Reports|Tags: , , |

"Ocean freight rates in almost all the major trades continue to drift downwards at all times other than in very brief peak periods when dramatic and unachievable general rate increases are sought, despite a supposed moratorium from the EU on this out-dated method of price increases. In the main Asia-Europe trades which serve the [...]

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