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Consumer brands

Flexible and sustainable supply chains that deliver for global brands

Consumer brand owners need agility to get their products where they are needed, even when plans change. We're here to help.

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Supply chain flexibility for consumer brands

When it comes to moving goods to markets around the globe, we know plans can change in seconds. We’ve been working alongside brand managers for over 25 years, so we know just how much flexibility counts. It’s why with us you’ll find handy benefits like item-level critical path management and expert teams who are agile enough to react to sudden change. All alongside best-in-class efficiency, freight initiatives and data analytics.

Delivering for global brands

Completely flexible logistics

We give you the flexibility and control to prioritise shipments or re-route inventory to where it’s needed. All based on up-to-date sales information with the support of our expert team, here whenever you need them through your Customer Hub.

Efficiency-driving data analytics

We drive efficiency for global shipments for thousands of customers, across hundreds of routes, every day. All through our actionable, multi-source data analytics that reduce waste and friction from your supply chain. We monitor every item on every order through all critical milestones, meaning our data analytics tools give you all the information you need to optimise your supply chain.

Environmental efficiency and reporting

For responsible brand owners we know it isn’t just about getting the right products, delivered to the right place, at the right time. You need to make sure you have a sustainable supply chain that minimises carbon emissions. Detailed reporting on every leg of your items’ journey means you can make informed decisions and manage offsetting towards your net zero goals.

Big-picture Ligentix platform

Our Ligentix supply chain management platform is driven by your purchase orders to give you status and location visibility of every SKU throughout you supply chain. This visibility across all key milestones means exceptions can be highlighted earlier and actioned sooner for maximum supply chain agility.


“Agility and continuous improvement”

Working with the team at Ligentia means they know our business inside out and can respond with agility when we need to meet spikes in demand. But beyond the smooth day to day running of our supply chain, we meet regularly to review overall supply chain performance against objectives. We’re always looking for ways to run leaner and smarter and we see our own commitment to continuous improvement being matched by our Ligentia Team.

  • Neal Austin, Global Operations Director
  • Mayborn
Ideal Standard

“Incredible insight”

From my personal perspective Customer Hub has been incredibly insightful as a shop store front to news from within Ligentia, but also broadly, topics, issues and challenges in a global context for sea, air, warehousing and forwarding. It’s a tool I review every day to gain the latest insights that relate to my account’s insights and metrics or broadly across the Ligentia network.

  • Overseas Purchasing Manager
  • Ideal Standard

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